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auxiliary power unit, apu

auxiliary power unit, apu

Automotive Air Conditioning Parts Introducing Dynasys, Hodyon's environmentally responsible solution for reducing harmful carbon emissions as a result of semi truck idling.

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auxiliary power unit, apu
Financing Program for All OOIDA Members

A new Financing program is available to all OOIDA members. Easy qualification / most applicants will be approved and save money immediately. Zero-down options are available.

Risk-free Trials for Fleets

Hodyon offers product trials to fleets risk-free. If for any reason the fleet does not want to keep the Dynasys APU's, Hodyon will remove them and take them back at no cost to the fleet. To learn more, call 1-800-289 8282 or email

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auxiliary power unit, apu Hodyon is a manufacturer and distributor of energy-efficient products and systems that reduce the magnitude of climate change. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, a two-time award winner for growth from Inc. magazine, the 59th fastest growing manufacturer in the US and, according to the Austin Business Journal, the 17th fastest growing company in Austin, Texas. APU

Hodyon exists to provide quality products and services for mobile climate control applications - products of the highest quality, made with integrity and serviced with passion, for a superior customer experience.

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Dynasys™ APU

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Dynasys Product Recall -- All APUs
(See Feb. 19 update below)

We have determined a potential safety risk may exist with our Dynasys auxiliary power units (APUs). Because at Hodyon the safety of our customers is our top concern, we have issued a product safety recall on all Dynasys APUs installed to date. We have already taken steps to notify affected owners, and that process continues.

The initial recall notice asked that customers discontinue all use of their Dynasys APUs until we could make a repair solution available..

Please click here to read February 3, 2013 recall status update that describes:

  • Immediate availability of a partial reactivation mode (supports 110v AC convenience outlets and block heater, but no HVAC) until recall repair fix can be implemented

Please click here to read the February 19, 2013 recall status update that describes:

  • Immediate availability of a recall fix, including instructions on how to schedule repairs

Video comments from David Hancock, Executive VP on Dynasys recall

Please contact Dynasys customer service at (800) 289-8282 ext. 3 so we can discuss with you a process to support of your APU system and answer any questions you may have

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